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Boiler Repair

It seems that it’s the coldest day of the year when your heating system suddenly stops working. A radiator may start leaking, or maybe one radiator produces heat while another produces little or none at all. Yesterday your heating system ran quietly and today the pipes have started clanging or a valve is hissing.

If your hot water or steam boiler needs servicing, you can count on the licensed professionals at Watson’s to take care of you quickly. Even an operable boiler can cost you in dollars and discomfort if it is operating inefficiently. Our friendly staff is usually available for same-day service when you need boiler repair.

Our trucks are fully stocked with state of the art equipment, top quality parts and trained professionals who can quickly identify your issue and correct it. When we arrive at your home, expect our technicians to check the following:

  • Switches, circuit breakers and safety controls
  • The expansion tank
  • Water levels in your system
  • Circulators
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Slope of radiator and return lines

Often our technicians will find that the boiler itself is operable, but a repair is needed to the expansion tank or a circulator. We may need to flush the boiler. Uneven heating can sometimes be corrected by bleeding air from the cool units. Whatever is causing your issue, our trucks are staffed and stocked so that we can quickly address the most common (and uncommon) problems we find when servicing hot water and steam boilers.

Call Watson’s for reliable and competitively priced service of your hot water and steam boilers.

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