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WaterRight® Water Treatment System

Whether your water comes from a private well or from a city source, you want to be sure it is as pure as possible. Even low levels of particulates and metals can affect the color, smell and taste of your water. Any amount of bacteria, mercury or lead is cause for concern when it comes to the health of those who use your water. Installing a water treatment system can reassure you and your family that the water you consume is safe.

A water well on your property can be a wonderful convenience for you and your family, but you may choose to give up this convenience because of the concern of contamination. The fact is, even city water can present problems. At Watson’s, we help you keep your water source clean and your family safe by offering testing and one of the best water purifying systems in the area.

WaterRight® treatment systems will remove contaminants from your water and improve the taste and color even if your water already has a low level of contaminants. We will test your water whether you use a private well or city water. We can recommend the system that best fits your needs. All our techniques are safe, effective and reasonably priced. Most importantly, our systems will eliminate nitrates, pesticides and pharmaceutical by-products that find their way into your water source, as well as bacteria, viruses and high levels of mercury or lead.

Our WaterRight® systems use reverse osmosis to purify your water. All systems feature water filtering, water softening, chlorination and overall treatment against harmful and benign contaminants. You will notice the difference. Your water will be clean and will taste better.

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