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Gas lineThe gas line to your home is one of its most important links. You may rely on it to heat your home during those cold winter months. One or more of your kitchen appliances may run on gas. Any disruption to your gas service could potentially bring your entire life—and that of your family—to a screeching halt. That’s why you need Watson’s when you need gas line services.

Our experts are prepared to handle any installation or repair, including emergency service. Gas leaks are serious, potentially deadly, and can occur at any time, indoors or out. Indoors the source of a leak can be traced to any gas appliance with a leaky pipe fitting, corrosion or a crack in the pipe. Outdoor leaks often occur during cold months because of freezing and thawing or the settling of ground around a pipe. Either way, a gas leak can be deadly, causing explosions or poisoning your family with deadly carbon monoxide. If you suspect a gas leak in or around your home, leave the area immediately and call 911.

Then, rely on the professionals at Watson’s to quickly correct your problem. Our trained technicians use the latest techniques to identify gas leaks in your home, as well as weak areas where gas leaks could potentially occur. With access to state of the art equipment and every type and size of pipe, valve and pipe fitting that may be needed to repair your gas line, our experts can advise you as to appropriate repairs that will help you avoid dangerous gas leaks in your home and keep your furnace, water heater or range running safely.

While our friendly and knowledgeable staff members are in your home, their priority is you and your safety. They will gladly point out danger signs, show you where your shut off valves are on your gas lines, alert you to gas appliances that may need maintenance, and show you ways to keep your home safe. While a rotten egg smell in your home is a tell-tale sign of a potential gas leak, a carbon monoxide detector is an even better assurance of your family’s safety.

Outdoor leaks may be harder to identify by smell. However, if you notice dead vegetation or blowing dirt near a gas line, call an expert. Our professionals use cutting edge equipment to detect even small leaks and repair them quickly. You also can prevent accidental damage to gas lines by marking their location clearly before doing any digging on your property.

Gas Line Installation

Do not try to install a gas line yourself. Even a small mistake can be deadly. If you need replacement or new gas line installation, contact Watson’s. Even if your city makes you responsible for the gas line running from your house to the street, we can help you with excavation and professional, safe installation of your gas line. Our technicians will perform quality installation to your meter, properly fit lines to your appliances and complete the project with a full check of all equipment.

Whether you need a new gas line to your home or to a new appliance, or you need an emergency gas line repair in Bel Air, MD, rely on Watson’s to keep your family safe.

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