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Water distribution lines

Leaking water lines are at best inconvenient and at worst costly in terms of high water bills and damage to your home or yard. Watson’s Plumbing & Heating understands the need to address a water line problem quickly.

Damage or leaks in your water lines can occur for various reasons, ranging from corrosion to freezing due to poor insulation around a pipe during cold weather. Sometimes a pipe is damaged during construction. Whatever the cause, the professionals at Watson’s are prepared to handle any issue and will respond quickly to your call so that you face the least cost and least amount of inconvenience.

Whether your issue is indoors or out, our team will immediately inspect the area to determine what repair is needed. If excavation is necessary, we can handle it, making every effort to keep your yard in the best condition possible. Our repairs are never temporary fixes. We may replace a section of the pipe or the whole pipe, or replace a corroded fitting, but you can be sure the leak will be fixed right the first time.

Sometimes a water leak is obvious to a homeowner, but not always. You will likely notice right away if a pipe is dripping in your basement, but a leak above a finished ceiling may go unnoticed for a time. If you see unexplained stains on a ceiling or wall, this could indicate a leak in a water line. Higher than normal water bills could indicate an underground leak somewhere in your yard. A puddle in your yard on an otherwise dry day is a red flag.

If you suspect a problem with one of your water lines, contact Watson’s for quick, reliable service. We have the equipment to find your problem and correct it. Our team will leave you with the confidence that your water lines are properly installed inside and out.

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