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Backed up drain lines are no match for Watson’s highly trained technicians. When you need drain line services call us for same day service and assurance that your drain will be cleaned and repaired quickly and efficiently.

At Watson’s, our professionals use the latest technology to get an actual video look inside your drain. Our cameras can immediately show our technicians what is causing your drain problem, whether it is a root, other debris, or a collapsed pipe. Once we locate the problem spot, we can excavate and make the necessary repairs.

Call Watson’s today for drain line repairs or to update old, insufficient drain lines. We will inspect your property before excavation to determine the most efficient system to serve your home.

Tips for keeping drain lines clear

Purchase a mesh screen for your tub and shower drains – Hair and soap will collect in the pipes and create clogs, so catching as much as possible will save a lot of trouble. Mesh screens are available in various sizes.

Clean the stopper in your bathroom sink – Hair, dental floss and scum collect on the stopper. While it isn’t going down the drain, it is slowing your sink, and the lack of water flow can encourage a clog in your pipe.

Install a lint screen on your washing machine drain – Bits of fabric, threads and other debris can frequently run through the drain hose and cause a clog in your drain pipe. You can purchase a lint trap or use a nylon stocking secured with a zip tie. Be sure to replace when full.

Do not flush anything but toilet paper down your toilet – Q-tips and dental floss may not appear to be a problem, but they can collect in your pipes, since these items do not dissolve or decompose like toilet paper and waste.

Collect grease in a container and dispose of with the trash – Grease hardens in your pipes as it cools and becomes a magnet for every other bit of debris that runs down your drain.

Consider composting rather than a disposal in your kitchen – Garbage disposals generally grind food small enough to run through your drains, but they can encourage clogs. Collecting organic waste and composting it is a better solution.

Add bacteria to your drains – Drain cleaning bacteria is available at hardware stores to combat the buildup of organic matter that clogs drains. It is not corrosive to your pipes and will not interfere with the bacteria in septic systems.

Never run joint compound or sand-based products down drains – Joint compound, mortar and grout can harden underwater, and sand will quickly settle in your pipe traps. Even rinse water contains this material, so dispose of this sludge properly.

Get your pipes scoped if you are needing to get a drain or sewer cleaned out annually or semi-annually – Odds are you have a root problem or a break in your pipe that needs repaired.

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