Does my boiler need annual maintenance?

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Yes, just as you would schedule an annual check and tune up of your forced air furnace, you should schedule the same for your boiler. Your boiler runs on gas, and your annual servicing checks for leaks, inspects all parts, including pilot light and burner, and assures that your unit is running efficiently and that your family is safe from carbon monoxide.

Your boiler and radiant heat system may seem quite simple, but it’s important to pay attention to the operation and the adjustments you are making to keep your home comfortable. Some adjustments, especially to radiator valves, are to be expected as weather conditions change, but others can be signs that your unit may need repair.

Call a professional if:

The pilot light goes out frequently

The flame is irregular

You need to reset your boiler regularly

Radiators are not heating evenly

Smoke or soot stains are visible near the boiler

You must keep adding water pressure to the system

The boiler is making unfamiliar noises

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