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Do I need to replace my well pump?

Your well pump is designed to give you many years of reliable service, but well pumps do eventually wear out and need to be replaced. At Watson’s, we understand the need to troubleshoot the well pump that serves your home so you can avoid an unexpected breakdown and a water emergency.

Most of the time a well pump will provide signals that it may be nearing the end of its life. If you have an aging pump or you know your well pump is 20 or more years old, watch for the following signs that it may be going bad.

  • Your water appears dirty, or you can see sediment floating in it.
  • The water pressure in your home has become inconsistent.
  • Creaking or clicking noises are coming from the pressure tank.
  • You experience frequent air spurts whenever you turn on a faucet.
  • Sudden hot water from a faucet or shower when a toilet is flushed.
  • Your water smells foul or like rotten eggs.
  • The pump has been running more frequently and/or your electric bills are unusually high.

Since your water well system consists of both a pump and a pressure tank, any of these signals could also indicate a leaking tank instead of or in addition to a failing pump. The experts at Watson’s Plumbing always inspect your water well pumping system to determine what is causing your issue. If you need a new pump, we can help you choose the best pump for your application and provide professional installation.

Replacement well pumps from Watson’s

  • Jet pumps for shallow or deep wells – Pump is installed above ground in a protected well house. Suction pipes pull water from the well. The size of your pump is dictated by the depth of your well.
  • Submersible pumps for deep wells – Pump is installed below ground inside the well and pushes water to your storage tank. Installation includes a check valve to prevent backflow.

Your well pump replacement service from Watson’s includes tips on maintenance that can keep your pump running efficiently and lengthen its life. Regular inspections, cleaning, and lubricating will keep dirt and debris out of the pump and its moving parts and prevent seals from drying out.

If you are concerned about your well pump’s operation or believe it may need replacing, contact Watson’s today.

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