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Regular inspections of your water well will assure you of the safety of your water and of the safe operation of your well pump and pumping system. We are happy to arrange a service agreement that fits your usage and budget so you have peace of mind that your water is safe and there is no interruption of your water service.

During your inspection, our technicians will first survey your well head and surrounding area, checking the casing and well cap for proper positioning and intact seals, and the electrical connections for secure fitting. Our team also checks that shrubs and trees are not encroaching on the well and that ground sloping around the well has not become compromised by roots or erosion.

Your professional well service will include inspection and testing of the following:

The yield of your water well – A flow test documents the output and checks the water level of your well before and during pumping.

Your pump motor for amp load and to confirm safe performance.

All well equipment to confirm it is clean, safe, and up to code in your area.

The pressure tank and pressure switch.

Your water quality

Our testing includes checking color and odor, as well as testing for bacteria and nitrates, water hardness, iron and manganese content, and any other area concerns.
Your inspection may include a pumping survey and detailed drawing of your well pump system and its location. Our technicians will confirm that you are in possession of a log that contains the complete history of your well and its location on your property.

Upon completion of your inspection, you will receive a written report that contains all test results, explanation of your well’s operation and condition, and recommendations for repair and maintenance.

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