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Well Chlorination

Bacteria and odor are the top reasons people consider a chlorine cleaning of their well. Whatever your reason, well chlorination is a detailed and time-consuming process, and while a savvy DIYer can do it, you still will want to consult a professional.

If bacteria levels are your problem, you need to identify the source of the contamination in addition to chlorinating. A professional can examine your well for anything from a cracked or malfunctioning well cover to problems with absorption of surface water into your well. Rectifying contamination problems assures you will not have to repeat the chlorination process right away.

Our professionals follow detailed steps to clean your well, beginning with the correct grade and amount of bleach to treat your well. It is important to allow time to fully complete the process, during which you will not be able to do laundry, shower, or drink water from the faucet.

Our process

  1. Chlorine is added to your well by removing the well cover.
  2. The chlorinated water is distributed throughout the system by running a garden hose into the well and opening faucets throughout your house until chlorine is detected in each of these outlets.
  3. The treated water rests in your well and pipes for up to 12 hours before flushing is accomplished by again running a hose and opening faucets in your home to draw clear water into the well and through the system.
  4. We monitor the chlorine levels throughout flushing to be sure they are back to safe levels for use.

The process of chlorinating your well will typically loosen scale and other deposits on the pipes and walls of your well. A routine check and cleaning of your sediment filter and faucet filters may be necessary to assure your system gives you steady and sufficient water pressure.

Call us for more information about how we can help you with well contamination or odors.

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