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Well yield testing

A professionally done yield test will tell you whether your well can provide the amount of water your family demands in a given day. If you are drilling a new well, this test can be competed before the well is connected to your house. To test an existing well, however, demand must be created on your well system to keep the pump running continuously so that its output can be measured.

At Watson’s, our professionals artificially create the kind of demand your family and usage habits might place on your well, then monitor your well for water pressure, water level and recovery. We look for steady water pressure and a drawdown that does not fall below the level of the pump. Ideally, your well will maintain a water level above the pump at a discharge rate that provides the amount of water your family needs,

An optimum well yield generally provides 5 gallons per minute for 2 to 4 hours, or 600 gallons of water in a two-hour period once every day. If our staff identifies a problem with your well yield, rest assured we are equipped to investigate the causes and propose options for improving the service you get from your well.

A well yield test is a detailed process that can take four hours or more to complete. Contact our professionals today for more information.

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